The Dragon Arrives

The birth of book four in the Eden Chronicles series, The Dragon's Game is hugely exciting!

The adventures of the de Lowe's reaches a new peak - in terms of action, drama, oddness and twists. I hope you enjoy it. Once again, Tom Moore, my cover designer guru ( has come up with the goods - as we say over here - and I'm thrilled with the dragon's eye, although it is quite frightening. (I suppose this is the correct response).

Without giving away too much, parts of the overarching puzzles come together in this episode. You'll see a shift, perhaps, which you might not have expected and you may actually find the emotions running... I did. 

Originally, the book was going to be called 'Into The Labyrinth', but while thinking about the perfect beast I couldn't help thinking that a Dragon who could morph into other reptiles at will was too good to ignore. This beast is awesome. 

Isabella, on seeing the beast's neck for the first time, stands up and, without hesitating, runs off into the fog. It's the perfect reaction but the consequence of this little episode is nearly catastrophic. 

The Dragon's Game is now available everywhere.

Mock up, front and back of Tom's terrific cover.

Mock up, front and back of Tom's terrific cover.