A New Start

A lot has happened. I can only apologise for those of you who read the first book and waited and waited and waited. I felt the best way forward was to write the entire series, otherwise I could be left muddling over various plot pickles for years to come. And what with one thing and another, life, generally, it's taken a couple of years.

So, now I've finished the fifth book of the Eden Chronicles series and my new editor is about to cast her beady eye over it. 

I'm seriously excited by how books three, four and five have turned out -- and it's considerably different than the original story which popped into my head so many years ago -- and for the better!

I'd love to tell you, but you're going to have to wait.

I'd like to offer the first book to you for FREE, as my way for not only thanking those who've held on for so long (and BTW, there's a nice surprise at the end) but to introduce new readers into the Eden Chronicles family. I'll be setting up a private facebook group shortly as well for avid fans.

Welcome. I look forward to meeting you.


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